• Murder on a Hot Tin Roof

Murder on a Hot Tin Roof

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From the national bestselling author of How to Marry a Murderer . Intrepid crime magazine reporter and mystery novelist Paige Turner has a taste for danger. She's nearly met her maker more than once in the course of her sleuthing. But a New York heat wave is more daunting than any murderous thug, so when her neighbor Abby announces she has free Broadway tickets, Paige leaps at the chance to sit in an air conditioned theater. The show is Cat on a Hot Tin Roof , with Abby's handsome friend Gray Gordon stepping in for the lead. Gray's performance knocks 'em dead, but when Abby and Paige stop at his apartment the next morning to congratulate him, they find someone's done the same to him. Enlisting Abby as her deputy, Paige embarks on a sweltering, madcap, and decidedly dangerous quest for the killer that has her springing all over the city like an overheated feline.
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